• Teaching the Holy Quran and giving religious education to bring up children in and around Delhi. Also teaching Urdu language whereby hundred of students, boys and girls, have taken advantage of.
  • Held the prayers of Juma (Friday) and Jama’t (Collective Prayer) including the prayers of Eidul Fitr and Eiduzzuha at various places.
  • Apart from the sitting for Shari discussion and discourse, various commemorative and other religious functions, anniversaries and celebrations were organized to disseminate and share the knowledge and teachings of the infallible house hold of the Prophet (a.s).
  • Every Pre-Night of Friday, for the Isaal-e-Sawab of momineen and mominat, Hadis-e-Kisa, Prayers and Majalis are Held.
  • Special Steps
  • To visit momineen at their homes and Invite them to follow the path of Ahlalbait (a.s).
  • While surveying the momineen, various economic, educational, social and religious
    matters are discussed and advice is provided.
  • At various places of Delhi and around various problems of the community including the social, religious and national ones, are discussed among the ulema of the community.
  • Various collective matters including the political, social and religious ones faced by the Shiite community, locally or worldwide, are discussed among the momineen.
  • While responding the fellow citizens daily problems relating the fellow citizens, daily problems relating to collective, religious and social matters are solved amicably.
  • Keeping in view of the requirements of the community the preachers, monitors, rators, teachers and Imams for Juma and other prayers are appointed.
  • Keeping pace with the community’s national, social and religious needs and requirements, students both boys and girls are provided with the art and education of speech giving and address including the delivery of poetry eulogy and other poetic and praiseworthy forms which has considerably contributed towards the fulfillment of religious literacy requirements.
  • In addition to all this, the society has especially taken care of the young girl of the community in their education and training so as to enable them to play important role in spreading religious awareness among the fellow brethren and the community.

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